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Strategic Partnerships Office



The Strategic Partnerships Office oversees a number of research partnerships and initiatives with universities around the world. Here you can find out details of how to apply to be part of funding calls and exchange programmes.

Wiener-Anspach Grants for Research Projects between Cambridge and the Université libre de Bruxelles  

Tsingua University-Cambridge University Joint Research Initiative

Cambridge-UTokyo Partnership

Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme 

Cambridge-Canterbury Exchange

Information about the different institutional relationships overseen by the Strategic Partnerships Office can be found on the Global Cambridge page.



Wiener-Anspach Grants for Research Projects between Cambridge and the Université libre de Bruxelles

The Fondation Wiener-Anspach supports collaborative research projects in all fields between the University of Cambridge and the Université libre de Bruxelles.

The grant – a maximum €30,000 for two years – is awarded to cover operating costs. For the 2024-2025 period, proposals must be sent by Monday 22 June 2023.

For more information go to or email

Tsinghua University - Cambridge University Joint Research Initiative

In 2019 Tsinghua University and the University of Cambridge established the Tsignhua-Cambridge Joint Research Initiative Fund, a five-year initiative to strengthen research collaborations between academics at the two institutions (original announcement).

The initiative reflects the commitment of both universities to work together on addressing global challenges, such as climate change, food security and infectious diseases. Over 25 collaborative projects have been funded by the Initiative.

The 2023 call will be broadly focused on approaches to a sustainable future. Projects can address any aspect of sustainability and associated research challenges. Examples of potential key themes include, but are not limited to: climate change, pathways to net zero and climate repair; sustainable use of natural resources; pathways to zero pollution; sustainable agriculture; conservation of biodiversity; achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals; climate/environmental justice, and so on.

Each research proposal must be jointly prepared by PIs from both institutions. Project costs should not exceed £12.5k for the Cambridge partners and RMB125k for the Tsinghua partners for a project duration of not more than 12 months.

The submission deadline is Friday 20 October 2023. Please find the call for proposals and the application form following the link below: 

Call for proposals and application form

Cambridge-UTokyo Partnership

The University of Cambridge and the University of Tokyo enjoy a long-standing and continuing partnership with cross-disciplinary links and collaborations. Annual joint symposia have been held to encourage and facilitate the identification and development of high-quality collaboration opportunities.

More information on the partnership and previous events can be found at the partnership homepage.  



Exchange Programmes


Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme

The Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme was established in 2009 to stimulate exchange of ideas and academic collaboration between leading Indian institutions and the University of Cambridge.  It is named after Dr Yusuf Hamied, former Chair of Cipla Ltd, alumnus of the Department of Chemistry in Cambridge, and generous donor to the University and to Christ’s College.

Each year the scheme gives financial support to senior scholars wishing to visit and work with colleagues in Cambridge or in India, with a view to enhancing existing academic collaborations and laying the foundations for new ones.  Cambridge researchers, in addition to meeting counterparts in their Indian host institution, are able to visit other organisations and research centres with which they share academic interests.



Principal aims

The principal aims of the scheme are:

  • to strengthen academic collaborations between Cambridge and India
  • to support research and associated activities that will be of practical benefit to the University and to Indian institutions
  • to stimulate and facilitate two-way mobility between researchers in Cambridge and India
  • if feasible, to liaise with groups of Cambridge alumni in meetings and speaking engagements


  • you must be either a current member of academic staff at the University of Cambridge who has active collaborations with Indian partners in areas of research that will be of practical benefit to India, or a current member of academic staff at an Indian university or research institution who has active collaborations with colleagues at the University of Cambridge
  • your application must be endorsed by the relevant Heads of Faculty/Department in both your home institution and in the institution you plan to visit
  • the visit will be of minimum 1-2 weeks’ duration and maximum 3 months*
  • you may only submit one application per calendar year*

* these conditions may be relaxed under particular circumstances


  1. there is no fixed deadline for applications, which may be submitted at any time
  2. complete the application form: Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme application form
  3. send to, accompanied by your CV (maximum 2 pages), in a single email with the subject header ‘Cambridge-Hamied Application your name’
  4. the application will be reviewed and, if it is successful, you will be sent email confirmation including the maximum level of funding awarded
  5. you are responsible for paying all costs up-front, subject to reimbursement from the Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme*
  6. after your visit, send an expenses claim, together with copies of relevant invoices/receipts, and a report on your visit
  7. you will then be reimbursed for up to the maximum level of funding awarded

* In exceptional cases, a large item of expenditure may be reimbursed at the start of your visit


All or some of the following items may be funded:

  • return airfare (economy) between the UK and India – repayable in full if claim is accompanied by invoice/receipt
  • local travel between airport and the institution you are visiting - repayable in full if claim is accompanied by invoice/receipt
  • visa fee - repayable in full if claim is accompanied by invoice/receipt
  • accommodation - repayable in part or in full if claim is accompanied by invoice/receipt*
  • subsistence – payable at a weekly rate of £250 or pro rata (no invoice/receipt required)

* if the total anticipated accommodation cost is exceptionally high, the Scheme retains the right to pay part of the total cost.  If you choose to stay in private accommodation, no reimbursement will be made

Other items will only be considered for funding in exceptional circumstances.  Please contact with any queries. 

The Strategic Partnerships Office retains the right to offer a maximum level of funding that is lower than the anticipated full cost of the visit, in the interests of maintaining the viability of the Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme for future exchange visits.

Cambridge-Canterbury Exchange

The University of Cambridge and the University of Canterbury, New Zealand have a reciprocal programme for academic visitors, the Cambridge-Canterbury Exchange Programme. Up to two visiting fellowships may be awarded each year, in any academic subject.

Applications are now invited for Cambridge researchers to visit the University of Canterbury during the calendar year 2024.  Applications will close on 14 July 2023. Further information can be found on the University of Canterbury’s website.

Application form (Word document for completion)

Information for staff (pdf)

Visitor Information Guide (pdf)