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Strategic Partnerships Office


Strategic Partnerships Office

The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TN (map)
Tel: +44 (0)1223 764680




Dr Karen Kennedy


Helena Brimson

PA to the Director/ Administrator


Helen Morgan Operations Manager

Katherine Ross

Administrative Assistant



Public International Partnerships


Renata Schaeffer

Head of Public International Partnerships


Hannah Flewitt

International Projects Co-ordinator 

Ingrid Hobbis

Strategic Partnerships Manager (Germany)


Dr Jingchen Hou

Strategic Partnerships Manager (East Asia)



Dr Olena Fim'yar

Project Manager (Ukraine Crisis Response)

Hilary Perrott

Strategic Partnerships Manager (South and Southeast Asia, North America)


Dr Rob Sing



Research Analyst (3)39712


Strategic Partnerships Manager (Europe, Africa)




International Support Services

  Tammy Au Head of International Support Services
  Jack Auty International Engagement Project Manager

Business Partnerships


Dr Catherine Hasted

Head of Business Partnerships


Dr Manar Alsaif

 Energy Partnerships Manager

Dr Hannah Baker

 Decarbonisation Network Co-ordinator

Dr Tammy Dougan

 Life Sciences & Healthcare Partnerships Manager

Dr Marianna Kaimaki

Research Analyst


Simon Daly

Business Partnerships Manager


Sarah Fell

Communications Manager, Business and Enterprise (7)60069

Mark Hayes

Digital Partnerships Manager


Tyler Shores

ThinkLab Manager