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Strategic Partnerships Office



In 2019 Tsinghua University and the University of Cambridge established the Tsinghua - Cambridge Joint Research Initiative Fund, a five-year initiative to strengthen research collaborations between academics in the two institutions ( The initiative reflects the commitment of both universities to work together on addressing global challenges, such as climate change, food security or infectious diseases. In its first call in the fall of 2019 the initiative supported 13 currently ongoing projects within the broad theme of sustainability and future emerging technologies.

Extraordinary call for proposals in response to the Covid-19 pandemic - submission deadline extended to 31 August

The initiative is now issuing an extraordinary funding call for a number of collaborative projects between academic groups at the two universities that are seeking to address urgent challenges in relation to the Covid-19 global health emergency. The pandemic requires a strong, collaborative international response and the open sharing of experience gained in tackling it. Projects can address any aspect of the Covid-19 emergency, though priority will be given to projects with potential impact on a short to medium-term timescale and that demonstrate strong collaboration between the two institutions. We envisage making 3-8 awards and project costs should not exceed £12.5k for the Cambridge partners and RMB125k for the Tsinghua partners for a project duration of not more than 12 months. Each research proposal must be jointly prepared by PIs from both institutions and each PI must submit an application in English and Chinese, respectively, on the provided application form to his/her own institution by the deadline.

Two projects have already been funded under this extraordinary call. However, we are aware that not all interested researchers were able to submit proposals due to the short timescale for the submission of proposals. Therefore, the submission deadline has been extended to Monday, 31st August 2020, 5:00pm local time

Covid-19 Extraordinary Call for Proposals Form - 2nd Closing