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Strategic Partnerships Office

The University's approach to international engagement has always been academically driven, allowing individual collaborations to develop and flourish wherever it best suits them. However, this extensive international engagement is happening in an increasingly complex international and geopolitical environment, which creates an increased range of risks.  

To enable all of you to identify and mitigate those risks, and to flourish wherever your activities lead you, the University has developed a set of practical principles to guide your international engagement.  

In any international partnership we must at all times: 

  1. Protect our people in their international engagement. 

  1. Defend academic freedom.  

  1. Promote and support an academic culture of vigilance and awareness of these risks, and ensure that people are equipped to know how to minimise or mitigate them.  

  1. Protect the open flow of ideas, data and other forms of intellectual property – including a duty to protect it against wrongful exploitation or interference. 

  1. Safeguard the University’s funding autonomy – including a duty to ensure the diversity and transparency of our funding sources.  

This webpage will gather the guidance, tools and materials you need to engage with international partners in an open, safe and responsible way.  

This is the beginning of a journey. Further guidance is being developed and will be rolled out throughout the year.