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The Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme was established in 2009 to stimulate exchange of ideas and academic collaboration between leading Indian institutions and the University of Cambridge.  It is named after Dr Yusuf Hamied, former Chair of Cipla Ltd, alumnus of the Department of Chemistry in Cambridge, and generous donor to the University and to Christ’s College.

Each year the scheme gives financial support to senior scholars wishing to visit and work with colleagues in Cambridge or in India, with a view to enhancing existing academic collaborations and laying the foundations for new ones.  Cambridge researchers, in addition to meeting counterparts in their Indian host institution, are able to visit other organisations and research centres with which they share academic interests.

Principal aims

The principal aims of the scheme are:

  • to strengthen academic collaborations between Cambridge and India
  • to support research and associated activities that will be of practical benefit to the University and to India
  • to stimulate and facilitate two-way mobility between researchers in Cambridge and India
  • if feasible, to liaise with groups of alumni over meetings and speaking engagements


Researchers who are eligible for support under the scheme are either current academic staff at the University of Cambridge who have active collaborations with Indian partners in areas of research that will be of practical benefit to India, or current academic staff at Indian universities or research institutions who have active collaborations with colleagues at the University of Cambridge.


Each application must be endorsed by the relevant Heads of Faculty/Department in both the applicant’s home institution and in the institution they plan to visit.  The visit will be of minimum 1-2 weeks’ duration, and any funding awarded under the Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme may be used towards international and local travel, accommodation and living expenses.  A short report should be submitted, with the recipient’s expenses claim, after the visit.  There is a limit of one application per person per year.  Each application with be carefully reviewed alongside all other applications.  There is no fixed deadline for applications, which may be submitted at any time.

Applications should be made using the following form:

Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme application form

To apply, or to submit any queries regarding the scheme, please email